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The Artizan project is one of three Dumbarton town centre initiatives in receipt of Government Levelling Up Funding (LUF). The Artizan project is an opportunity to make positive change – creating a resilient and thriving place that meets the needs of the wider community – by consolidating retail, introducing new town centre housing and creating positive public place, in conjunction with reinforcing the connection between the station and the High Street.

Given the scale of the Artizan and the potentially transformative impact of its redevelopment, it is necessary to consider the project in the wider town centre context. This will allow it to be positioned as a significant contributor to the towns future and to permit a vision led co-ordinated approach that enables decisions to be made with an understanding of the wider benefits and implications. It will also allow early stages to be best planned around current commercial and physical context whilst not precluding longer term ambitions.

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